Rental Referral Information

If you are in need of rental and/or homeless referral information, please fill out the form by clicking here and a packet of information will be emailed to you.

This packet includes resources and websites that can assist with:

  •  Information on low-income and market-rate housing
  • Tenant’s rights, lease default and fair housing awareness
  • Referral to affirmative option expanding housing choices
  • Temporary and short term shelter referral options
  • Homeless shelter referral information
  • Senior housing referral information

Please, note that South Suburban Housing Center does not provide monetary rental assistance. Below are organizations who do provide rental assistance:

  • South Suburban Call Center, 1-877-426-6515
  • Ford Heights Community Service Organization, 708-758-2565
  • Spanish Coalition (Chicago residents only), Contact: Ms. Griselda, 773-933-7575
  • Bloom Township 708-754-9400 (Must live in Bloom Township)
  • Thornton Township General Assistance (Must live in Thornton Township. Has strict requirements. Only up to $150 for rent.)

For questions, Contact the Housing Center or call us at 708-957-4674