Mortgage Distress? You don't have to navigate it alone. Pictured: Couple in an office with a financial officer, looking distressed over mortgage issues.

Are you struggling to make mortgage payments, or facing foreclosure?

At SSHC, our team of HUD-Certified Housing Counselors are here to assist you with your mortgage needs and concerns. Whether you are in forbearance and not sure of your next steps, in mortgage default, or experiencing foreclosure, our one-on-one counseling sessions are here to help you navigate these issues and find solutions.

South Suburban Housing Center is an Illinois nonprofit organization and our services are free.

Through our housing counseling program, we will:

  • Conduct initial intake interview to identity your specific issues
  • Determine if predatory or discriminatory treatment is involved
  • Assess your credit and budget 
  • Review and evaluate your options
  • Develop an action plan for desired resolution (modification, refinance, short sale, etc.)
  • Assist with compiling required financial documents and drafting a client hardship letter
  • Negotiate and advocate on behalf of client with lender
  • Review documents outlining the specific resolution offered by your lender
  • Provide attorney referral if bankruptcy, legal financial claim, or debt advice is needed

Or, Contact Peppy Anderson at (708) 957-4674 ext. 113 or

Please Note: Only individuals that complete the full intake form and provide the requested documentation will be counseled. Incomplete forms and documentation will postpone our ability to assist you. If you need help with completing your paperwork or accommodations, please contact our office.