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Have you experienced housing discrimination?

At SSHC, we service clients who feel they were treated unfairly by housing providers, lenders, realtors, appraisers, property management companies, condominium and homeowner’s associations, and more. As a regional fair housing enforcement agency, we advocate for your rights under the federal Fair Housing Act, Illinois Human Rights Act, Cook County Human Rights Ordinance, as well as other state and local housing law.

South Suburban Housing Center is an Illinois nonprofit organization and our services are free.

Through our fair housing complaint intake, we will:

  • Listen and document the housing discrimination you feel you experienced
  • Evaluate your complaint for a possible violation of fair housing law
  • Conduct an investigation, providing evidence to prove a violation or show a violation has not occurred

If a fair housing violation is found, we will:

  • Advise you of your rights and options
  • Provide advocacy to find resolution
  • When necessary, assist you in filing an administrative or court complaint

If no fair housing violation is found, we will

  • Explain to you the nondiscriminatory reasons for your treatment
  • Provide you with contacts for local agencies and resources providing services you may need instead, such as legal aid, tenants rights, or disability resources

Fair housing is your right. Housing Discrimination is Wrong. Report it.
Contact Carrie Simpson, Senior Fair Housing Intake Specialist:
Call (708) 957-4674 ext. 112
Email carrie@southsuburban.net

You can also complete a preliminary intake online:

Please Note: This form is meant for you to virtually start the process of receiving our fair housing services and submission does not mean you have officially filed a fair housing complaint.