Mortgage Delinquency & Foreclosure Assistance Counseling

**In-person counseling has been temporarily suspended to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). For new intakes requiring mortgage delinquency or foreclosure assisance, please contact Kiturah Baker via phone at (708) 957-4764 ext. 102  or email**

One-On-One sessions with mortgage default & foreclosure counselors covering:

  • Thorough intake interview to determine default, delinquency, and foreclosure issues
  • Assessment to determine if predatory or discriminatory treatment is involved
  • Credit and budgeting assessment
  • Review and evaluation of options
    • Making Home Affordable Program applications
    • Lending specific options
  • Action plan proposed for particular work out resolution recommended
    • Modification, forbearance, refinance, deed in lieu, and short sale
  • Assistance compiling required financial documents
  • Assistance drafting client hardship letter
  • Negotiation and advocacy on behalf of client with lender until a resolution is obtained
  • Attorney referral if bankruptcy, legal financial claim or debt advice needed
  • Document review of specific resolution offered by lender

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SSHC Client Testimony

Watch on YouTube: Home Is Where I Need To Be

The following video includes the testimony of SSHC client Beverly Rogers that highlights the value of working with a housing counseling agency, as well as adding insight into what the loan modification process looks like.

Due to exorbitant family medical expenses, Mrs. Rogers found herself in foreclosure. She began working with a housing counselor under SSHC’s Mortgage Delinquency & Foreclosure Assistance Counseling program, and with the help of SSHC Mrs. Rogers successfully obtained a loan modification.