Recent News

8/21/2019  Trump Administration Proposes Changes to Weaken Protections
Against Discrimination Provided by the Fair Housing Act

5/31/2019  Planners address housing needs as part of strategy to revive Southland economy

2/28/2019  SSHC Receives Governor’s Conference Illinois Housing Counseling Agency of the Year Award

2/8/2019  Judge clears hurdles in racial discrimination suit challenging cook county’s property tax assessment system

10/5/2018  Developer, builder of Orland Park apartments settle HUD complaints

8/26/18 South suburbs contain 5 communities with nation’s top black homeownership rates

6/1/18  A third of Chicago home borrowers can’t afford to move

4/4/18  Southland officials see progress in racial equality, but obstacles remain 50 years after King’s assassination

3/20/18  South suburban group joins lawsuit claiming Berrios ‘systematically and illegally’ discriminated against black, Latino homeowners

3/7/18     SSHC joins civil rights suit against Berrios

7/26/17   Disparities alleged in upkeep of foreclosed homes in Southland, NW Indiana

6/10/17   The Tax Divide – An Unfair Burden: Cook County failed to value homes accurately for years

4/24/17 The Rebuilders of Chicago’s Southland

3/16/17  Foreclosures here shrink to pre-crisis levels

12/7/16   Southland properties cited in housing maintenance lawsuit against Fannie Mae

5/5/16     Another Foreclosure Crisis (VIDEO)

3/26/16  Seven years after the Great Recession, some Chicago suburbs may never recover

7/11/15  President Obama Announces AFFH in His Weekly Address: Making Our Communities Stronger Through Fair Housing (Video)

5/26/15  Southland groups cleaning up flood of foreclosures in the Chicago area

5/13/15  Photo Slideshow Evidencing Fannie Mae Discrimination in Metro-Chicago – South Suburban Housing Center, HOPE Fair Housing Center, and Open Communities

5/13/15  Press Release: Three Metro-Chicago Fair Housing Organizations Find Fannie Mae Discriminates across the Chicago Metropolitan Area

5/13/15  Photo Slideshow Evidencing Fannie Mae Discrimination Across the U.S. – NFHA

5/13/15  National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) Press Release Announces Fair Housing Enforcement Complaint Against Fannie Mae

04/01/14  Governor Quinn Announces Major Home Loan Program for First-Time Homebuyers in Illinois

02/25/14  Civil Rights Organizations File Housing Discrimination Complaint Against Deutsche Bank

10/15/13  Civil Rights Organizations Add Cities and New Evidence to Housing Discrimination Complaint against U.S. Bank

10/15/13  Details of the US Bank Complaint

06/06/13  HUD Announces Resolution of REO Issues with Wells Fargo

06/06/13  Chicago Fair Housing Centers & Wells Fargo Announce Collaboration to Rebuild Homeownership Opportunities